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Friday, February 10, 2017

PNW Meetup 2017


We are excited that the date for our 3rd annual Spring Meet-up is almost here!

Here's a breakdown of the day to help in planning...

8-8:30                                   Registration and Welcome
8:30-10:00                      Session 1
                                             Room A~Seed starting, propagation and Soil Blocking
                                                    with Tony and Denise Gaetz of Bare Mountain and 
                                                             Erin McMullen of Rain Drop Farms
                                             Room B~Farmer-florist model, Design, and finding your niche
                                                     with Kathleen Barber of Erika's Fresh Flowers,
                                                             Beth Syphers of Crowley House and
                                                             Danielle Bennett of SWGMC

10:15-11:45                    Session 2
                                             Room A~Seed starting, propagation and Soil Blocking
                                             Room B~Farmer-florist model, Design, and finding your niche
11:45-12:15                     Lunch- Please bring a lunch!

12:15-1:30                       Dave Dowling, Ednie Bulbs.
                                              Season extension/Hugh Tunnel Production
                                              Scheduling for the Flower Holidays
1:30-2:30                         Debra Prinzing,
                                             Debra will share her "state of local flowers movement" update, a snapshot of what's happening at all levels of the American-grown floral pipeline -- from field to checkout counter. She will also present the 2017 Floral Insights & Industry Forecast offering you a peek into the opportunities you can leverage for your own  floral business.

2:30-3:00                         Discussion of the PNW Flower Farmers future...

What you'll need:

                       Lunch- we only have about 30 for "lunch break", there's a lot of info to get through, so please be prepared to stay close.
                       Water Bottle
                       Cash or Check for Registration Cost

The Meetup will take place at Lasells Stewart Center on the Oregon State University Campus in Corvallis, OR

Parking is available in the Reser Stadium parking lot, just to the west of the building.


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